There are some amazingly clever developments in energy efficiency coming onto the market that can cut energy bills, but often it is hard to find out what is available if it is not part of your day job to research savings and let’s admit most of us are too busy to do so.

My favorite energy saving tool of the moment is a very clever boiler device that maximises the efficiency of your existing boilers (new or old) and which will reduce both your annual consumption of business gas / oil / LPG and carbon emissions. The good news is that annual consumption reductions are GUARANTEED often by as much as 25% (subject to a site-survey of the plant / boiler rooms). There is no capital outlay as the system is rented. For registered companies the rental costs can be 100% reclaimed against tax.

The pinkconnect energy system is specifically designed to reduce the wide ‘firing parameters’ of boilers – the intelligence of the microprocessor collects, then analyses data in real-time before controlling the firing of the boilers to match the actual demand. Less consumption, fewer carbon emissions, no loss of heat and lower bills, what a winning combination!

The system works brilliantly in Hotels, Care Homes, Offices and Leisure Centers. Government Buildings, Local Authorities, Financial Institutions, Cathedrals, Motor Manufacturers and many different types of premises that have a high annual use of business gas / oil / LPG of over £20k per annum.