computer lockBy James Pink

Unfortunately, almost without exception, the answer is “not very”.

Most SME Businesses’ seem to have a blind faith that they will somehow miss the attention of the thousands of very clever Criminal Hackers around the world and escape unharmed, un-robbed and un-fined when their Data is compromised.

Two common factors in almost all cases, is that either they have adopted a “Three Monkeys” approach, or their IT provider has told them “your OK”. Unfortunately little in life could be further from the truth. Analysis has shown that U.K. businesses were subjected to an average of 230,000 cyber-attacks each in 2016. The number of attacks on individual companies’ firewalls breached 1,000 per day in November last year, according to internet service provider (ISP) Beaming. A 310% increase in one year!

Blind faith is clearly not a reliable strategy, given the huge financial and business risks involved.

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