cctvAnd they’re not wrong.

By Tyrese Garvie | Pink Connect

With cyber attacks and breaches of data on the rise in the United Kingdom, GCHQ has stated that the cyber-security threat to the UK is ‘as serious as terrorism’. Jeremy Flemming, head of GCHQ has said that increased funding for the Government Communications Headquarters is being spent on areas of cyber-security – just as much that is being spent on counter-terrorism.

600 cyber-attacks warranted a response from the Government last year and the NCSC reported that 30 attacks last year required a cross-government response. It is clear to see why GCHQ is taking such a strong stand in combating cybercrime in the UK – and so they should be… between July and September, the average UK firm experienced 55,314 attempts by hackers trying to access their data or take control of IT systems – that’s 614 hacking attempts every day and you’re probably involved in those statistics.

Many businesses go about their daily workday without any knowledge of what has or is happening to them. Chances are that someone out there, in the world, has attempted to get into your network and or steal data from you. Just like your local shop may have had some items stolen, your business may have had a password recorded – how would you know though? You wouldn’t. This is why Pink Connect can carry out a security audit for your place of work and tell you if everything is secure. If it’s not, don’t panic – our experts will give you clear direction on what you really need – we’re not in the business of selling you stuff you simply do not need or want, it’s unethical and leads to you, the customer being more than annoyed with us.

Imagine a criminal banging on your door demanding you give up all of your money – would you:

A – Open the door
B – Ignore the criminal
C – Call the Police

It’s obviously ‘C’, isn’t it? This is exactly what is happening across the globe, except instead of your front door, it’s your router, printer, emails, etc. Take option ‘C’ and call Pink Connect on 0345 450 9393 or email… before the criminal gets in.

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