Social Engineering Malware is again growing in popularity – because it still works!

Hackers are using years-old malware for fresh attacks amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The result? A surge of remote access spyware, trojans, botnets, keyloggers, many highly dangerous. They rely on social engineering and phishing campaigns to spread in a shift to remote working.

• NetWiredRC, malware first used in 2014, rose by 200% in Q1 2020.
• LokiBot malware, a keylogger first discovered in 2015, that hides code inside images, rather than pdf and attachments that remote workers have been told to guard against.
• AZORult, from 2016, acts as a downloader for other malware is behind coronavirus-themed emails.
• Other malware, including the DanaBot strain – increased 166% between February and March.
• There was also a 26% rise in the number of card skimming attacks between February and March.

Given Businesses have many employees working from home, the trend of hackers targeting vulnerable endpoints will also remain.

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