Pink Connect are acutely aware of the impending impact on businesses, when Openreach switch-off all Analogue and ISDN telephony in the UK by early 2025.

The Openreach plans to replace the existing copper wires that run the vast majority of UK Business telecoms and Internet access with Optic Fibre cabling are already decades behind the UKs current needs. Openreach are simply not achieving the conversion or installation numbers needed to replace the old copper cables by the switch-off dates, leaving businesses with a hotch-potch of old and new tech, much of which is as slow as it always was.

However there is now a brilliant, truly fast alternative in Stoke!

Pink Connect are rolling out Gigabit Fibre Broadband Network across the city, delivering Ultra-Reliable, Ultra-Fast, 1000Mb download and upload speeds. This is a game changer, and will free your business to use the Internet for latest generation Voice over IP telephony, Super-Secure Cloud computing, storage, streaming and exceptionally fast Web access.

Pink Connect are accepting orders from 1st May and are delivering this service for £79.95 + vat per month (24 months minimum contract) with Installation, Business Grade Wi-Fi Router and set-up, all free of charge if ordered by 30th June.

To order your Installation or to find out more, call 01785 553663 or simply on