countdown clocksBy James Pink

With its threat of huge fines for non-compliance, every business must comply with this far stricter Data protection regulation by May 25th. However, the Information Commissioners Office don’t have the man power to fine every non-compliant business on day one.

It will take time to get around to your business, but when it comes, the fine may well be enough to put you out of business.

Strangely, this isn’t the most immediate threat to your business. Take a look here: and click on “Live Attacks”.

What you will see, are the real-time malicious Cyber Attacks being launched from a handful of monitored servers around the world. People often comment “It looks like World War Three”.

The truth is far scarier.

There are, in reality, thousands of servers around the world (not the 40 or so detailed on screen) and the traffic you see is just 1% of the real volume (because no regular Internet connection could cope with the full data).

Given these attacks are directed at finding and entering your router – to steal the profitable data in the computers behind them, it is actually far more likely that criminals will bankrupt you before the Information Commissioner!

What is to be done?

Two options:

  1. Do nothing, cross your fingers, hope it doesn’t happen to your business (very popular)
  2. Act. Speak to someone that really knows about this stuff (we would recommend Pink Connect)

Either way its not going to break the bank but one does let you sleep at night! Email: or call: 0845 450 9393 opt 1. We will be happy to help.