eu flagsGDPR becomes law on the 25th May 2018, it reflects modern behaviours and values for personal data. It is critical all business owners or IT decision makers have the security controls and procedures in place to ensure to follow GDPR. Make no mistake, almost no one has and the resulting fines will be horrendous!

GDPR focuses on two different people:

  • The Controller – this person governs the purpose and means of the data being collected.
  • The Processor, who is the person that processes the data on behalf of the controller.

Both play a key role in complying with the articles in GDPR.

As well as having huge fines that can effectively bankrupt businesses, conversely, GDPR will be a huge advantage for companies with the correct preparation.

Implementing the correct procedures and having the right controls in place to protect data increases the confidence of businesses storing and processing data, highlighting to your customers that you are compliant with standards and certifications such as Cyber Essentials, ISO27001 and PCI DSS. It will increase the trust in your company from the publics perspective when you are seen to take security seriously. Preparing for GDPR will take both time and money to have the appropriate controls and procedures in place to ensure the regulation is followed. Failure to invest this time and money will kill your business with huge fines when you are caught non-compliant.

GDPR comes with consequences when violating any article within the regulation, causing tremendous harm not only financially but losing trust from the public when handling personal data. Depending on the articles in the regulation that are violated, you can either have one or both fines. The first being €10,000 fine or 2% of the annual turnover (whichever is higher) and the other being €20,000 fine or 4% of the annual turnover (whichever is higher).

Pink Connect has developed its class leading Sentinel Unified Threat Management device specifically to tackle the hacking threats that expose SME Businesses to GDPR violating Data loss. Pink Connects End-Point Security Partners ESET have best of breed resources to prepare companies for GDPR, plus covering requirements of Cyber Essentials and PCI DSS. Recent research from Apollo shows that ESET are among the ‘Top 30 Tech Brands’ commenting on the regulation and providing help and assistance with guides, whitepapers and more, placed above Kaspersky, the only other internet security brand on the list. ESET are offering many great free resources relating to GDPR and Pink Connect’s team are always available to discuss your specific company needs to become compliant.

Be sure, non-compliance will likely close your business – as the fines for non-compliance, let alone any actual data loss are so large. Now is the time to act. Call 0345 450 9393 and speak to one of our security experts today.