eu flagsThe GDPR will bring data protection law up-to date to reflect modern behaviours and values. It is critical that our customers, who are all business owners or key IT decision makers, should start thinking about compliance now!

Pink Connects End-Point Security Partners ESET have a lot to offer in terms of both resources to prepare companies for GDPR, plus the tools and software to help businesses achieve compliance. Recent research from Apollo shows that ESET are among the ‘Top 30 Tech Brands’ commenting on the regulation and providing help and assistance with guides, whitepapers and more.

ESET placed above Kaspersky, the only other internet security brand on the list, and aren’t far behind companies like Apple. ESET are offering a great many free resources relating to GDPR and Pink Connect’s team are always available to discuss your specific company needs.

Be sure, non-compliance will likely close your business – as the fines for non-compliance, let alone any actual data loss are so large. Now is the time to act. Call 0345 450 9393 and speak to one of our security experts today.