The WH Smith-owned card site has reported the breach to “the relevant regulators”

Funky Pigeon stopped taking orders last Thursday, after it was hit by a cyber-attack.

Funky Pigeon is owned by WH Smiths, and confirmed it had taken the system offline, “as a precaution”, so is unable to fulfil any orders. The company is also contacting to all customers from the past 12 months to let them know about the incident.

“We are currently investigating the extent to which any personal data – specifically names, addresses, email addresses and personalised card and gift designs – has been accessed. The attack has come just a couple of weeks after a similar incident suffered by The Works, which was also forced to shut down its operation”. “On top of this stress, businesses have the constant fear of threat actors returning to the network to cause further harm, with a second attack potentially causing lasting, irreversible damage. Organisations must invest in security solutions that are proactive and preventative, rather than reactive, to ensure that cyber-attacks are stopped before they damage an organisation’s network”.

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