We asked staff in over 1000 companies what they’d miss most in a 24 hour period within their work environment, a staggering 54% voted for the Internet!

Clearly , the majority of us couldn’t face life at work without being on-line. However for your business, no Internet connection could be life or death! Which, as a business communications company, we found very interesting. The really shocking thing is, that although Internet connectivity is the number one essential for any business, here at Pink Connect, we see it is one of the last things a business commits to in assuring its availability.  Most businesses rely on the cheapest connection, with a consumer grade ageing plastic router with effectively no protection from todays hackers and the outside world.

The Internet links us to our customers. Without it, they simply wouldn’t receive their goods, services or invoices, suppliers wouldn’t get paid and our businesses would just collapse.

Starting on April 1st, Pink Connect are offering a no cost review of your Internet connections, to put certainty around your number one business link with the world.

There is a catch… You need to take action! 

Call us now on 0845 450 9393 opt 1 and talk to our team to organise a free audit of your current data connections.