Know the advantages

As the premier mobile platform for a cloud-first world, Windows 10 will open a lot of doors for you. The more informed you are  the better positioned you’ll be to be an early adopter.

We know that operating system upgrades often prompt upgrades to hardware, so the launch of Windows 10 is a great time to look at hardware and device upgrade opportunities, especially since Microsoft focuses on making Windows 10 easier to adopt and deploy across multiple devices.

In addition, Windows 10 is being developed to work with solutions you are already using, but with a better experience. Pairing Windows 10 with Office 365 or the Enterprise Mobility Suite can provide you enhanced productivity, security, and device management, and it gives you the opportunity to accelerate your cloud services business.

With Windows 10 there will also be new opportunities on infrastructure services. For example, some customers will have the agility they need to adopt new features without sacrificing control they want over their infrastructure, which will be important as we update the servicing model.

Universal apps for Windows 10 will run across PCs, tablets, phones, and industry devices. The Windows 10 curated organization store will allow customers to easily expand the audience for the line of business apps you have custom-built for them.



Existing fundamentals