vpnIf anyone has any doubt about the impact of Cyber Crime and its threat to UK business, grab a coffee and properly read this Cisco report.

By James Pink | Pink Connect

It makes chilling reading, highlighting how hopelessly unprepared almost every business is to resist a business killing attack – from the Criminals or the ICO…

What we see is:

  • The Criminals are far cleverer than SMEs – their Prey
  • The Prey have not begun to understand the threat before them
  • They have, for the most part, done nothing
  • The Prey’s IT company say, “you’re OK”
  • The truth is always the opposite, they are completely exposed on a dozen levels
  • It is a matter of time before –
    • The cheap plastic router with the guessable/crackable password lets the Criminals in
    • The Criminals hack the Preys Bank and empty it (speak to Andy for how easy and fast this is, this happened to one of his prospects)
    • The Criminals hack the account details of the Preys customers and empty their banks (“slightly” awkward – ultimately costlier for the Prey)
    • The Prey lose Data and the ICO https://ico.org.uk/about-the-ico/ find out, then issue a massive fine (that bankrupts the Prey’s business)
    • The ICO audits (as part of their regular checks) and finds the Prey have done nothing about security and issue a massive fine. Same result
    • Had Talk Talks infringement (that then cost them £400,000) happened after GDPR comes into force, the fine would have been £159,000,000.

This news will:

  • Not be welcoming
  • It will not fall easily on business owner’s ears
  • It runs counter to anything most business owners understand
  • It is counter to anything businesses “IT” people have said
  • Businesses know they “should” be doing “something” about it
  • Business have not yet had a big attack (yet they unknowingly already have Malware on their PCs)
  • They don’t personally know anyone that has lost their business because of an attack.
  • We are seemingly the only people out there telling the truth, it’s time to wake up to GDPR
  • Every SME we speak to is non GDPR compliant and open to being fined/hacked/bankrupted

We believe this is the most important, most relevant and timely conversation any business can have today. GDPR is the light we all see at the end of the tunnel. It is a Freight Train.

Read the full report here: https://goo.gl/yyfbGw