CyberCisco’s cyber security experts agreed that social norms may also become “super weird” as a result.

Deepfake cyberattacks will become more popular in the near future as the artificial intelligence technology (AI) becomes more widely used, security experts at Cisco warned this week. Attacks involve fake videos of senior management being sent to employees, telling them to conduct a bank transfers, for example.

Deepfake technology involves training an AI program with large amounts of data in order for it to learn how any given individual would look when saying certain words, and how they sound, including accurate intonation and speech pauses.

Fears around the use of deepfake technology in the cyber security landscape have been present for a number of years. Trend Micro revealed that such attacks were on its list of top cyber threats for the future as far back as 2019. “It’s definitely real! It doesn’t take much to fake the backgrounds, it’s not that much further to fake the foreground” and Deepfake technology is what’s going to make the threat “exponentially worse” and that “people have a hard enough time not trusting stuff that they read online; just wait until they’re having to not trust their eyes and their ears when they’re watching people say the things that they’re saying,” he said.

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