dataSir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, said “customers who had fallen foul of online fraudsters were being rewarded for bad behaviour instead of incentivised to update anti-virus software and improve passwords”. His comments come as Police brace themselves for an expected surge in overall crime figures when Cyber-crime estimates are included in official statistics for the first time in July.

Two facts:

  1. 44% of UK consumers have been subject to Cyber-crime in their lifetime.
  2. 42% then don’t even take the time to change their account passwords after a security compromise.

Two questions:

  1. Has someone that really understands Cyber-crime and how to prevent it, looked at how effectively your business is protected?
  2. Have you acted on those recommendations?

Let me guess… No to both, right?

Not doing anything is statistically almost a guarantee your business will be subject to fraud at some point. If you knew you could effectively deal with this threat to your business for a tiny fraction of the potential loss, would you do something about it?

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