Is your organisation protected from cyber threats?

Cyber MondayThere are many things businesses can do to keep their clients and employees safe online.

Our offer begins from £2.50*.

Pink Connect supplies an array of solutions, so your business can maintain a great reputation and safeguard all types of data loss.





Our package includes:

  • Initial questionnaires assigning risk scores to team members and the company.
  • Automated reports identifying individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Generated series of training modules that addresses individual’s personal weak spots, bridging the teams’ knowledge of security.
  • Engaging video segments and interactive modules available.
  • Company administrators determine 15-20 minute module frequency (from daily to monthly).
  • Staff select convenient lesson and test times.
  • Certificates awarded for completing each module.

Cyber Awareness Security Training is designed to keep users engaged and educate them on the possible cyber threats that they may have fallen for before.


  • Monitored by you though our portal.
  • Done at the individuals’ time of choice.
  • No accommodation, travel or subsistence costs.
  • Course materials are accessible from an email via computers, tablets and laptops.
  • No classrooms or hiring costs.
  • Measure the impact of training and combat future threats.

We are taking it literal! Shielding your business from cyber threats on Cyber Monday means you can enjoy peace of mind. Allow our experienced IT experts to safeguard your business against cyber threats and be prepared for the future.

*T&Cs apply. +VAT

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