The Cyber Awareness Security Training is a tailored set of modules to bring all members of a business team up to speed, on the various areas of Cyber Awareness. An initial multi-choice questionnaire will produce a risk score for each team member and one for the company as a whole. The system automatically produces a report, showing where individuals are strong and where there are knowledge gaps.

The platform then generates a series of training modules that immediately address individuals personal weak spots, filling the whole team’s security knowledge gaps in the fastest possible time. There are many entertaining short video segments and some very satisfying interactive training modules. The company administrator decides how many 15/20-minute modules will be emailed (anything from one a day – to one a month) and the staff member then chooses a suitable time to take the next lesson and test module. They will receive a certificate for completing each module and the administrator will be able to access the portal to see “who has done what”, how the team are improving, and what the overall company security score is as the training progresses. This is a powerful resource that quantifies the companies measures to train staff and record the results, there nothing like it available to SMEs in our experience.

The training is highly digestible, very step by step (without being patronising) and from our own experience, our team are very happy with the progress they make. The cost per person is £2.50 per month and, if required, we could white label the training and make it Company branded, making for a very professional look.  If you would like to find out more information regarding our Cyber Awareness Security Training, click here. To speak to one of our Experts and discuss how Pink Connect might be able to assist you, click here.