The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a ten-fold increase in cyber-criminal activity, and they have been getting smarter daily, with attack numbers going through the roof. New research has revealed that most businesses lack the software and knowledge to even detect a cybersecurity attack, let alone recover from it. Even though it might be tough to stop every threat, small businesses can defend themselves in a post-pandemic environment by having as many layers of defence as possible and creating obstacles between them and their criminal hackers.

Pink Connect can supply a robust defence system tailored to your business at a fraction of the cost of an attack. We can ensure you have reliable Internet security services, no matter where the threat comes from, protecting your business and your team from the massive impact and cost of even a basic Ransomware attack.

If you are ready to act to protect your business from the impacts of your Cyber Security, our experts are on hand to guide you through your options. Tomorrow may well be too late.

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