Cyber AttacksMost business owners assume Cyber-attacks only affect large organisations like Apple, eBay, EasyJet, or Google.

In truth, Cyber criminals have no preference, indeed because SME businesses have little or no protection and readily pay Ransom demands, they are an easy touch! So, it’s likely your business is already a target and could be under surveillance at this very moment…

Small businesses are most vulnerable to cyber-attacks because they have almost no meaningful protection. Basic “off the shelf” software and little precaution taken against threats often resulting in devastating consequences. And the criminals never get caught!

The impact of a small businesses breach is often terminal, it causes massive damage to customer data/privacy, destroys your business reputation, creates immediate loss of customer trust brutal, immediate financial loss. It is often the end of the business.

Ensuring strong cyber security within your business is essential to keep your staff and customer data safe. Endpoint Security software and Staff Cyber Awareness Training provide inexpensive, meaningful, long-term protection for your business, whatever its size.

Cyber audits are a great way to identify the improvements that need to be made to your business security, addressing the vulnerabilities before they are exploited by the wrong people!

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