crypto currency imageBy Lewis Rogers

Crypto-Currency has seen a meteoric rise to economic royalty in the past couple of years with stories appearing almost daily about how someone turned their small bitcoin wallet into millions of pounds almost overnight. Crypto-Currencies such as bitcoin are earned through a technique known as “mining” high powered computers solve extremely difficult maths problems thatwill reward the owner with the computer with a bitcoin. Bitcoins can also be brought from users and traded and works in a similar light to the stock market with customers investing in crypto-currencies when the price is low and selling when the price is high. The one question is how does a practically made up currency gain its value? It all has to do with the rarity in the currency itself, bitcoin has its value from how hard the bitcoin is to obtain in the first place. A rather amusing story appeared in the news about how a man created the crypto-currency “Dogecoin” as a joke to go alongside an internet meme at the time and was surprised to find that years later it was none of the most valuable crypto-currencies on the market showing that the craze is at an all-time high.

But It may be the time that crypto-currencies see a drop in its value as today This will have an effect on crypto-currencies such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. After the news broke the trade value of the aforementioned crypto-currencies dipped.

Google is set to roll out this new policy in June of this year they have not given an explanation to why but it is expected to be in the same vain as Facebook, who banned the ads from the social media power house saying “the ads were acting in bad faith” googles decision will see the ads removed from all of its platforms including YouTube, Google Play etc. and will even see them removed from third party sites using the “ads by Google” system. This move will also see searches for crypto-currencies harder as the google algorithm will push search results further down in googles recommendations.