circuit boardClear and present danger…

A phrase we would normally hear in times of war however, right now there is a clear and present danger to your business.

Funded by clever and brilliantly organised criminals, Ransomware will kill your business overnight by encrypting/locking all your server, PC and Laptop files. This business is now bigger than credit card fraud!

Only by paying the Ransom can you start to work again. For a hospital it was £17,000, for small businesses its £5,000 to £15,000. The FBI have publicly said “Businesses should pay, as there is little to no hope of breaking the encryption or catching the criminals”. Great!

If you do not have a Unified Threat Management device in place, it is not a matter of “if” but is just a question of “how long” until your systems are locked. It’s been two of our customers so far this week

Pink Connect have developed effective protection that when installed immediately protects your business for a tiny fraction of the ransom demand that will appear on your PC screen.

  • Choice A: Do something effective today by calling Pink Connect Security Sales on 0345 450 9393 opt 1 (
  • Choice B: Keep your fingers crossed.