A Birmingham based Charity needed to move office with 16 staff, all of whom needed new PCs/Laptops, an upgrade from end of life Microsoft Windows XP to new Office software, a new server, plus the replacement of an obsolete telephone system and mobiles. Just about everything! The total capital cost of the new phone system, server, PCs, Laptops and all new software were way beyond their budget but the daily challenge of working with obsolete hardware and software was really taking its toll on productivity and staff morale, let alone the move!


Now the staff enjoy new phones and computers, collaborate easily with voice and data everywhere they go, all for a monthly cost of ownership well below their original budget.


So we recommended lease finance for new PCs, Laptops and telephone handsets. This monthly investment was easily affordable. We then negated the need for a new server and the capital cost of new Office software by supplying Microsoft Office 365, which gives every user email, 1Tb Cloud storage, the latest Microsoft Office software on up to five devices for only £12.95 per month. Pink IP pro and Pink Mobile looked after the telephone requirements.