light bulbBy James Pink

Pink Connect partners with Power Solutions UK, who guarantee to provide some of the best Electricity and Gas deal available. However, since April 2017, they have also been able to carry out the same job on Water contracts.

Like many businesses, we didn’t “get round to it” until we got the latest Water bill from our usual supplier and then asked Power Solutions to look at it, to see if we could do better by switching to a better supplier. A week later we were with Water Plus, our new supplier, at a 12% saving with a price guarantee for the next three years. Utterly painless, two phone calls, job done!

Now 12% off our water bill is not going to buy new company cars all round, but with a “distress purchase” item like Electricity, Gas and now Water, there is just no point in paying more than you need, as long as it’s easy and quick.

All that’s needed is a copy of the last Utility bill (good to look at all three at the same time) to know you have the best deal on the market. If you haven’t, Power Solutions make it incredibly simple to change to the best provider.

There is a catch… You have to send us your bills. You can email us at: or call us on 0345 450 9393

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