gaval with some cash

“Left its systems vulnerable by failing to update its software and carry out routine testing” (The Information Commissioners Office in its $400,000 judgement about Carphone Warehouse)

Is this you and your business?

If you ask Your IT people are sure to say “you’re OK” – but the truth is yes!

Few UK SMEs have:

  • A written Security Policy.
  • Roll out system updates to all PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones within 24 hours.
  • Update Security definition updates “real-time”.
  • Have a secure perimeter to their network.
  • Have a Unified Threat Management device protecting its PCs, Laptops and Wi-Fi.
  • Have solid End-Point Security on every PC and Laptop.

So come May 25th, when GDPR becomes law, failure to have these rudimentary steps in place will start costing companies not £400.000, as with Talk Talk and Carphone Warehouse, but £20 Million. Expect minimum fines to be around £80,000, even for SMEs.

Is it really worth delaying getting up to speed with GDPR any longer? Given a fine for non-compliance could break your company and destroy everything you have worked so diligently for, we doubt it.

For timely relevant advice on what it takes to comply with GDPR and avoid the risk of a substantial fine, call our Cyber Security experts today on 0345 450 9393.

It could just be the most valuable call you ever make…