How does the new Call Recording legislation affect UK Businesses? 

By Tyrese Garvie | Pink Connect

a headset on a keyboard

If your business takes Credit Card details over the phone, it is a legal obligation to record the whole call – but pause call recording when sensitive information, such as credit card details are being communicated.

The legal requirement, specified in MiFID II states that “you must record an entire call from start to finish, but not to record sensitive data”. So how do you start a call recording,  pause it and then resume? Pink Connect is one of the very few telecoms companies that support this required feature. Our Hosted VoIP system allows you to stay compliant with the law.

The law states that if you fail to abide by MiFID II, you could face a fine of €5,000,000 or  10% of Annual Turnover. Why risk trading outside the law, when the solution costs £9.95+VAT?

Pink Connect’s IP pro telephone system allows you to pause and resume call recordings and stay MiFID II compliant.

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