BNi Networking Presentation


Hi, my name is Danny Snelling, of Pink Connect Norfolk.

I was recently asked to speak at a local BNI networking event. The brief was to deliver a presentation on cyber security in about 20 minutes, paying particular attention to giving an insight on working with Pink Connect and how, as business owners, we can keep our eyes open to business threats, whilst headed into tricky times.

I spoke about an Ethical Hacker and social engineer, who was challenged to “steal a valuable vaccine” by researching the target company, finding it’s weak security points, planning, and then implementing a phishing attack, designed to get an employee to enter their login details to Office 365. Once the hacker  tested the revealed password, they deployed physical attack by faking a false identity, allowing them access to supposedly secure premises to find, save and steal the desired Vaccine formula files. At the end I spoke about the lessons that should be learnt from this demonstration and asked the audience if they had any further questions. There were many!

It went really well and I’m really pleased with the great feedback from listeners who became fascinated with the topic and who suggested several referrals for me to follow up.

The main issues that put the business at risk were: 1, Staff didn’t challenge the unescorted/unsupervised visitor. 2, The cyber awareness training for staff had been insufficient and staff had revealed too much sensitive information on social media. 3, This lead the hacker to easily find staff home address, which could have been used to steal a corporate laptop or mobile.

The urgent solution, is clearly to ensure that all staff members take part in effective cyber awareness staff training, to understand the Cyber Safe practices in the workplace. There is also a key learning to ensure you keep your information away from social media and other devices/apps, so that criminals can not deduce your personal information.

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