Are your employees often away on business trips?

Staying in touch with customers and clients is crucial when you’re abroad for business, it increases productivity.

Depending on your mobile plan, there might be an extra cost to use Mobile Data, Texts and Calls abroad. Which is why many business employees use Data Roaming.

What is Data Roaming? Data Roaming is a service that allows a mobile device to connect to a different network when outside the area of its home Network, in this case the UK. It’s as simple as a button in your device settings. The service allows you to use your mobile as you would at home, accessing the internet, making and receiving phone calls, sending and receiving text messages and using other services.

Why do you need Data Roaming? When you are abroad, your mobile will connect to the local mobile network in order to access the internet. As you will be making calls and texts from your device, you could end up paying a large fee if you are not on the correct plan.

Let’s go through the extra cost you might be faced with when going abroad and using your mobile device:

If you’re with EE:

Their Roam Abroad Pass Inclusive Extra lets you use your inclusive minutes, texts and data in their Europe Zone. It also covers (USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and China). However, if you do not have the Roam Abroad Pass as an Inclusive Extra you can add Roam Abroad for £10.79 a month for a minimum of 30 days. If you don’t choose this option, it will cost a flat rate of £2.15 a day.

With their Business All Rounder and Full Works plans, you can choose 500 minutes to call Europe from the UK every month. You can call from the UK to standard mobile and landline numbers in their Europe Zone (includes 47 countries, and 10 countries in their international Business Zone).

If you’re with O2:

On an Unlimited Data tariff, you’ll be able to make and receive calls and texts to the UK and use up to 35GB data their Europe Zone during your monthly bill cycle. If you go over this amount, you can continue to use data however you will be charged 0.2p per MB. On some tariffs they have a £36 data coverage cap to protect you from overspending. You will not be able to make calls or send texts from the UK to an abroad device.

If you’re with Vodaphone:

With no additional charges, take your plan with you to Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man and Norway and use your mobile phone as you would in the UK. You would have access to calls, texts and data use only. Non-geographic, premium-rate and other non-standard calls and text will continue to be charged at current roaming rates.

If your plan started on or after 11 August 2021: In Europe Zone 1 & 2: Take your home plan with you and roam for just £2.25 per day*.

If you’re on a plan that started before 11th August 2021: In Zone 1 & 2: Take your home plan with you in their roam free Europe Zones and use your phone as you would in the UK, with no additional charges*.

*Standard calls, texts and data use only. Non-geographic, premium-rate and other non-standard calls and texts will continue to be charged at current roaming rates. Fair usage policy applies, please check your relevant price plan for details.

If you’re roaming outside of Europe, its just £5.71 (exc. VAT) a day to take your home plan with you and you only pay on the days you use your phone.

We are aware that there are different costs from our suppliers that vary with multiple plans.

If your provider has not been listed or you would like to know more information about Roaming plans, contact the team at Pink Connect on 0345 450 9393 or email so we can find a plan that suits your business.