relaxDon’t leave it to the last minute to check. Below are some tips to help.

If you have:

IP Pro – If you have time of day routing enabled on your system click on the company drop down, mouse over scheduling and click on business hours. At the bottom of the table under holidays click the orange plus icon and input the date of the bank holiday. Click save and then head to the call forwarding settings under the account dropdown or alternatively call divert from the same drop down. Select your main line number and the holiday period and then configure the forwarding or divert options to create a call plan you would like incoming calls to follow on that day.

IP Max- Click on the site management option from the top of the page followed by clicking manage next to your chosen site.  From the site management menu select Schedules which will give you a calendar of open and closed hours of that month. At the bottom of the calendar select the closed hours tab then click add. Under Schedule Setup give the closed hours a name and click on create. Select the start and end dates of the bank holiday and click create. Calls will then follow the closed call plan settings for that date.

IP Cortex – Please get in touch and an Engineer will do it for you.

Any further questions? Please call our Support Team on 0345 450 9393 opt 3.