Being an Apprentice at Pink ConnectI am Georgia, a digital marketing apprentice at Pink Connect. I get to go to supplier workshops and events near us to enhance my learning experience.

I recently attended a workshop at Uxplore, an organisation that specialises in everything digital as part of the University of Coventry. They taught us about 5G and what the future brings and how it can be used.

We got to see new technology in the XR world. We got to try out VR, AR and MR headsets and see how companies are using them in today’s world. Lastly, we had a talk from Armadillo Social about social media showing us how we can improve our social media and new tactics to take our pages to the next level.

Chris Guerin spoke to us about the future of 5G and how it is being used in our life currently. In the present 5G is dotted around busy areas such as shopping centres and cities however not necessarily for customers. 5G now is more beneficial for businesses and companies who need a strong connection for a lot of people and to reach further. As it is still being developed manufacturers of 5G are still working on the reach between routers and how it will work in busy areas. It is still in its early days however once we are starting using it correctly it will be beneficial for our future. Pink Connect provides businesses with 5G packages, making it more relevant for me to be learn.

My favourite experience was playing Beat Saber on a VR headset. Safe to say, I didn’t get the highest score but it was fun nether the less! We explored the different uses of them and the ways they are used in companies, for example automotive companies that are making cars and parts for machines are using AR headsets so that they can see their instructions, or someone can show them what to do whilst they are doing it. Pink Connect is very involved with the Manufacturing community providing solutions.

I can’t wait to see what’s next.