20th Anniversary

Some of the brilliant things Pink Connect have accomplished in these 20 years:

Pink Connect were among the first to:

  • Register with Otello – 16 years ago (the Government Telecoms Regulator)
  • Transition to fully paperless billing (saving thousands of Post Office van journeys a month)
  • Transition to paperless Direct Debit
  • Transition from Dial-up Internet access to ADSL
  • Transition from ADSL to Fibre to the Cabinet
  • Transition from Fibre to the Cabinet to full Optic-Fibre
  • Offer 4G Data to any businesses unable to get fast Broadband
  • Offer Voice over IP Telephony (16 years ago)! Leading the way to Fully IP Telecoms


  • In 2020 and 2021 Pink Connect were named one of the UK’s Top Franchise Opportunities. The HSBC Elite Franchise 100 Awards bestowed with this title to recognise Pink Connect as a thriving, growing business and an excellent Franchise opportunity. “We feel that Pink Connect has well and truly earned their place in the Elite Franchise Top 100 list,” said Scott English, Brand Director of Elite Franchise.

Transforming Communities:

  • For the last 19 years, Pink Connect have been sponsoring 18 children in Bolivia, Mozambique, Nepal, Honduras, Uganda Zambia, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, India. To accomplish this, we work with World Vision, an organisation that is committed to transforming children’s lives and their life opportunities, making sure they get clothes, medical support, education, school supplies and accommodation and pastoral support. By sponsoring these children, we are transforming their lives. We are proud to say that we are making a real difference.
  • As part of Pink Connect’s commitment to local schools, Pink Connect pledged to supply recycled and refurbished PCs or Laptops to every student at Shipston High School, as 30% of the children did not have access to a computer. Pink Connect donated and maintain 115 computers. This has made a huge difference for Shipston High School and meant that students can complete their homework, research current subjects, email their friends and teachers, and become completely fluent with programmes such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. As a result of this initiative, Pink Connect won the prestigious “Green Apple Award” for combining the collection, recycling, refurbishment, and repurposing of the machines and making a fundamental and long lasting difference to the students, all whilst being 100% green!
  • Over the past few years, we have been raising awareness about the PSTN switch-off that is happening in 2025. This means that in 2025 everyone will be switching over to an “All IP” network rather than running on old analogue (landline) telephone networks. By raising awareness for this we have been helping businesses get prepared before everyone is needing to change at the last minute and price skyrocket.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint:

  • Since it’s inception in 2002, Pink Connect has been committed to reducing the effects business has on the environment. We looked at our business model and how we can do our part to reduce our fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions. We purchased an Electric van and an Electric car, switched to 100% solar and wind produced energy, started installing home and commercial charging points and green heating solutions like air and ground source heat pumps, insulated our homes and offices and installed low consumption LED lighting. We continue to share these experiences with our customers, giving advice and explaining how it can not only reduce carbon emissions but save them money, encouraging many people to go green. We thank you for all your continued support!

Call us on 0345 450 9393 or email us at tellmemore@pinkconnect.com