snowflakeIt’s getting cold!

By Tyrese Garvie | Pink Connect

Why are winter energy bills always so expensive? They don’t have to be!
“Turn on the radiator mate” – the 5 words spoken every morning since last month in my office, and when we do turn it on, it’s heavenly. But it all comes at a cost; money. As the saying goes ‘nothing is free in the world’ and they’re right (except for our free data security events of course). But how do you save money on energy bills? Pink Connect have put together 5 tips to help you clamp down on spending this Winter:

Tip 1:

Wear some extra layers.
I don’t know about you – but I can remember being at home asking to turn the heat on and getting a stern reply: “put a jumper on”.
Sticking on an extra vest/t-shirt can make a big difference. You’ll think twice before turning the radiator on, allowing you to save some money on your energy bills and also keep nice and warm.

Tip 2:

Move around.
Might be hard to do if you work in an office cubicle – but getting up and around will make things a bit warmer and get your blood flowing. So instead of asking your co-worker to grab you a coffee… do it yourself and get moving! 

Tip 3:

Don’t feel the difference.
We all do it – that awkward jog from the house to the car in the morning, trying to avoid the cold. Once inside our cars, we turn them into portable saunas. It’s nice in the car, but when you get out and into the office it’s like the North Pole. Turn the heat down in the car and you won’t feel as cold in the office, it makes a massive difference.

Tip 4:

Get rid of any draughts.
Draught excluders go for under £10 online and they’re very effective at what they do – you’ll be warmer in no time! If that doesn’t work, look at getting some double glazing installed or if you have the pennies, insulation – it’s worth it.

Tip 5:

Send us your energy bills.

“Wait, what? How does that work?” is what you might be saying, but this is the most effective method out of all tips and will end up saving you the most amount of money! It’s super easy too.

Send over the bills and get a callback within 48hrs – our partners will be able to give you the best deals available – saving you a load of money! Don’t believe us? Try it out, you’d be bonkers not to – there’s no risk involved whatsoever (even if you’re in contract)!

It’s all free and there are no hidden costs, etc. All you do is pay the provider, for example; British Gas, the new, lowered monthly bill. Get the upper hand on your competitors. For more info, click here or call us!

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