Pink Connect have been in business, with businesses for 19 years! Originally created in 2002 to provide a competitive alternative to BTs retail pricing of business telephone calls, Pink Connect has grown to provide a trusted One-Stop-Shop for everything SMEs need for great, reliable, hassle-free communication. It’s funny, almost 20 years on, we don’t even charge for calls!

In those 19 years, much has changed in business. Do you remember the last time sent a fax, or just dialling the local number, without the exchange code before it? Back in 2002, “Fast” Internet was BT Highway, a system based on an ISDN2 pair giving painfully slow 64Kbps Internet access, pictures appearing one line at a time, emails taking an age to send.

Perhaps must relevant, in 2002 Voice over IP was unheard of and yet, come 2025, it will be the only game in town, and it is set to irrevocably replace all Analogue and ISDN lines across the UK. Every home and business must migrate their number to VoIP and upgrade their Internet connection to the new generation Fibre to the Premises , or at least SoGEA (a combination of the old Fibre to the Cabinet connection and a copper line rental) or be cut-off.

One thing that has however remained constant, over nearly two decades, Pink Connect’s commitment has been as early adopters of these inevitable technology changes, mastering them, and rolling them out to our loyal customers, making the transition to new tech painless and smooth. Something hundreds of businesses have found reassuring and hugely valuable.

Over the next few years, these compulsory and sweeping changes will be rolled out nationwide. The old copper wire system, first pioneered by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 (before the car was invented) is finally being switched-off for ever. If you would like one of our highly experienced Team to go through what these changes entail for your business, and the big benefits of acting early bring, call us today on 0345 450 9393 – It could just be the most profitable call you’ll make today!