various chartsGreat if that was a sales or profit figure but unfortunately it relates to Ransomware attacks, in which hackers hold hostage the files on their victims’ computers, are on the rise.

A new report found that each quarter in 2016 saw a significant increase in the number of attacks: 16,000% in 12 months…

“It would be inaccurate to say the threat landscape either diminished or expanded in 2016,” according to the report, which was released last week by SonicWall, a cybersecurity firm. “Rather, it appears to have evolved and shifted.”

The report identified 638.2 million unique ransomware attempts in 2016, up more than 16,000% from 3.8 million in 2015.

In a ransomware attack, the hackers gain access to your computer and encrypt all your files. The hackers then charge you to decrypt the files, which only they can do. SMEs are being especially targeted as “they usually pay”. These attacks are a direct route to your businesses hard cash. So what is happening since the start of 2017?

The volume of attacks continues to rise dramatically, hackers have so far demanded $35,000 from a library, an undisclosed amount from a police station and wreaked havoc on 28,000 database servers. It is not “if” but just a matter of time, until your business is put out of business with one of these attacks.

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