Research by the Carbon Trust points to UK industry wasting £7 million a day due to poor energy efficiency. Surprisingly the problem is not large scale industry, but staff behaviour and energy awareness.

Pink Connect is committed to helping UK businesses cut energy consumption and reduce their environmental impact. Here are the top 10 easy wins that allow businesses to cut consumption.

  1. Focus on people, not just machinery and equipment.
  2. Have an expert carry out an energy survey, focused on your premises.
  3. Set defined goals to cut carbon and energy consumption.
  4. Find out where to look for savings.
  5. Ask an expert to search for energy savings.
  6. Choose the right kind of people to support you.
  7. Find members of Staff, willing to be actively involved in your Carbon reduction and energy saving plans.
  8. Communicate clearly and frequently what you want staff to do.
  9. Feedback to Staff how much, where and how you were saving .
  10. Put in consistent effort to get Carbon Reduction and Energy saving off the ground.

For help cutting your energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions, why not give us a call. We can help!