Internet threats constantly change. These 10 simple principles will keep you safe online.

Use unique passwords: use a reputable password manager like Last Pass that creates and stores complex &

  • unique passwords for you. There is no excuse for reusing passwords and Last Pass will make that fast & easy.

Use 2FA/MFA: Two or Multi Factor authentication: a low-cost way of adding an excellent extra layer of security.

Backup your data: Either manually to an external HDD/USB stick, or automatically, using backup automation

  • software to a NAS drive or server. This is the failsafe way to counter ransomware!

Watch where you click! Always be suspicious of links in emails, on social media, or on the web in general.

  • Verify the email sender if possible and if in doubt, don’t click.

Avoid public Wi-Fi or use a VPN: Particularly when shopping or checking your bank account online.

  • Don’t overshare: Your social media accounts are a mine of information for someone trying to guess your passwords.
  • Encrypt your sensitive data: Encryption is a legal requirement & is part of GDPR security legislation.
  • Multiple-layers are key: Adopt as many of these points as you can: the more layers the better!
  • Anti-virus: Business grade Anti-virus software will save you from some very nasty malware.
  • Update your operating system: Regardless of your operating system keeping it fully updated is crucial.
  • Updates are there for a reason; don’t put off installing them just to save a few minutes. It could cost everything!
  • Your Business probably needs a review of its Security, if so, call or email the experts…
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