Hackers cause £12,000 phone bill

This is why Pink Connect sets a £50.00 per day maximum spend for all customers!

By Tyrese Garvie | Pink Connect

phone hackers call premium rates from businesses
A Telecommunications provider has left a client with massive £12,000 phone bill after hundreds of fraudulent premium rate calls were made overseas.

An SME from Lancashire that usually pays around £140 per month for their phone bills was surprised when they saw that there was a bill for over £12,000 waiting to be paid up. A local telecoms business charged the small business £3,075 for over 200 calls, which were all made in the space of only 4 DAYS! The small business went straight to the telecoms group and made a query about the bill – the supplier then informed the client that they were unaware of the charges up until contact. They then, only after the query, placed a ban on all international and premium rate calls for that business, but there was more bad news… the SME was then informed that a further £8,282 had been piled up – leaving the customer up their eyeballs in £12,000 worth of bills they simply ‘can’t afford to pay’.

Unlike Pink Connect, the other telecoms provider did not have a cap on the amount spendable in a given time-frame, leaving the customer completely prone to phone attacks which cost UK companies £1.5bn every year. Pink Connect have a spending cap of £50.00 per day so that if something like this ever happened to one of our customers, the maximum they would ever have to pay, for example, over 4 days, would be £200.00 not £3,075!

The most dangerous part about this is not only that the telecoms provider did not warn the customer or have a cap in place; it’s also the fact that the customer had no protection! There are millions of businesses, but it is suggested that less than 2% are protected. Our customers are in that 2%, are you?

Having a secure password and business network is vital to running your business properly. GCHQ said earlier this month that the UK’s cyber-security threat is ‘as serious as terrorism’ and the statistics and news stories are showing this. Cyber-security is now an essential for businesses across the globe.

If you want to take advantage of great customer service, high-quality equipment and industry-leading security, then call Pink Connect on 0345 450 9393 or email sales@pinkconnect.com and we’ll make sure that whilst you’re with us something like this NEVER happens to you.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/oct/12/hackers-12000-phone-bill-pennine-focus-group

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