4G users, what are we like?

4G Users

Ofcom has published an interesting report on user behaviour.

Nearly a third (30%) of UK adults say they now have access to 4G. 4G stands for 4th generation, and relates to the 4th generation mobile communications standard, which allows internet access at higher speeds than previous standards. This equates to 45% of UK smartphone users, an increase of 28 percentage points since 2014.

4G users show significantly different online behaviour compared to smartphone owners without 4G access. 4G users are more likely to go online more often, be more attached to their smartphones, do more ‘data-heavy’ activities online and do them more often.

4G users are more likely than smartphone owners without 4G access to use mobile internet outside the home. Fifty-five per cent of smartphone users without 4G say they use WiFi to go online when they are away from home. However, this drops to 47% of 4G users, who are more likely to use their mobile network to go online (87% vs. 69% of those without access).

4G users are more likely to use their smartphones to access audio-visual content. Fifty-seven per cent of 4G users access audio-visual content on their smartphones compared to 40% of those without 4G access. There is a similar difference when considering audio activities with 47% of 4G users accessing this type of content on their smartphone, compared to 28% of those without 4G access.

Over half of 4G users use their smartphone to make online purchases or use online banking, compared to a third of those without 4G access. 4G users are more likely to use their smartphones for doing online banking (55% vs. 33% of those without 4G) and making online purchases (55% vs. 35%).

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