Data cabling to very high standards

Moving offices? Existing cabling needs a spring-clean?

Pink Connect can now provide your business with all your Voice, Data, Electrical and other cabling infrastructure needs.  Our team of seasoned professionals have a broad depth of knowledge including:

  • Cat 5e/ Cat 6 /Cat 6a ethernet structured cabling
  • Fibre optic links/backbones
  • Telephone cabling

A structured cabling system is a complete system of cabling and associated hardware, which provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure. This infrastructure serves a wide range of uses, such as to provide telephone service or transmit data through a computer network.

All our installations are tested and certified to the relevant standards, and every installation is certificated by our skilled team of engineers and detailed soft and hard copies of the documentation is supplied to you. We use very high standard hardware to trace the reliability of your connections.

We are very happy to quote for existing and new installations. Moving offices? Need an existing cabling spring-clean? Give our Technical Sales Team a call on 0345 450 9393 option 1.