An Ethical Company

Pink Connect – one of the greenest providers in the UK…

As a responsible business we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment. Pink Connect takes all reasonable steps to minimise any detrimental effect its operations may have, and to promote good environmental practice. At Pink Connect, we are pleased to do our part for the environment:

  • We offer paperless billing by default
  • We are working on reducing and measuring the reduction of our CO2 emissions
  • We have a waste management and recycling policy
  • Over 95% of any waste Pink Connect generates is recycled at approved sites
  • We use Audio Conferencing as an alternative to travel when we can
  • We utilise remote IT support technology to save site visits where ever possible
  • We support flexible working practices so our staff reduce their travel impact
  • We source our paper and print materials from a “green” supplier and have reduced paper usage by over 90% in two years
  • We regularly review our business practices and performance to identify how we can improve our energy efficiency, minimise packaging and reduce air emissions, waste disposal, water usage and the impacts of our travel.

As one of the UK’s greenest providers of voice services and applications, Pink Connect recognises the need to set an example to the industry. We take our responsibilities very seriously and are totally committed to being not just the most efficient low cost service provider, but also the greenest.

That’s why we’ve taken a multi-pronged approach to being green; we’ve implemented solutions that enable users of our products and services to reduce their carbon footprint through our Green Minutes product, we’ve applied ‘green’ practices to everything we do as a company and we ensure that we are supporting Green third parties such as the Woodland Trust and Catlin Arctic Survey.

Green Minutes

Green Minutes FAQ

We made a commitment to reducing carbon footprint across our network back in 2006 through investment in the efficiency of our network and assets. Now we are the first UK service provider to have a net zero carbon footprint for all calls that are carried across our network, making us a ‘green minutes’ provider. A first in the UK telecoms market, as from 1st January 2009 all minutes carried across the Pink Connect network are Carbon Neutral, helping businesses, and public and voluntary sectors reduce their carbon footprint.

Each year, Pink Connect’s telecom carbon footprint is independently assessed by a company called Greenstone Carbon Management who looks at electricity bills and volumes for the amount of energy used in transporting minutes across the Pink Connect network. Working with The Carbon Neutral Company to offset this carbon footprint, we purchase carbon credits – every 1 tonne of CO2 is ‘neutralised’ by 1 tonne which is saved somewhere else in the world by a climate friendly project that would not have happened without carbon credit investment. Projects that our carbon credits are being used on include the Sichuan Province Hydro Power Project in China and a Wind Power Project in India, similar to the Jamnagar Project (starts late 2009).

Pink Connect suppliers’ commitment to reducing carbon emissions began in 2006 with the early adoption of IP based soft-switching in our core network, marking the first major initiative of its kind in the UK and reducing energy consumption per minute by 30% within the first year. Soft-switching has allowed us to move from a power-hungry hardware infrastructure to a more software driven environment which uses far less power. Continued investment in this technology has enabled us to reduce the mean power consumption per minute carried each year, even as call traffic has increased over the same time.

Annual power consumption against call minutes per month across Pink Connect network:

Now the combination of much lower annual power consumption with our carbon offset programme means that Pink Connect and their customers are using the greenest network in the UK.

Buy into an environmentally friendly solution

Ideal solution for organisations who are required to meet key green objectives

No greener way of making calls in the UK

Green policies

As a company we have also been reducing our carbon footprint through our internal procedures and practices which include:

Substantial use of web conferencing

Significant use of audio conferencing. Pink Connect and their suppliers use 1,750,000 minutes a year on audio conferencing alone, saving 80,000 miles of travel per year

Use of recycled paper on all printed collateral and stationery

Waste recycling points across all sites

An electronic invoicing policy being introduced in June 2009 will mean that we no longer produce paper invoices for our customers; instead invoices are available online only, through the Pink Connect Portal, making a saving of over 2500 printed pages and envelopes a month.

Supporting Green third parties

At Pink Connect we ensure that we are supporting organisations that pursue our planets environmental well-being. These include:

The Woodland Trust – We have adopted The Woodland Trust as the official charity of Pink Connect, which aims to prevent the loss of ancient woodland and to increase new native woodland

Catlin Arctic Survey – Pink Connect is supporting the Catlin Artic Survey by donating Communicator, its Mitel-based Managed IP Telephony solution, together with its Assured IP services to the Catlin Arctic Survey UK Operations Centre. The Catlin Arctic Survey combines a pioneering feat of human endurance with scientific discovery by providing an accurate mapping the Arctic Ocean’s sea ice cover

10 x reasons why your energy efficiency plans failed

Research by the Carbon Trust points to UK industry wasting £7 million a day due to poor energy efficiency. The problem is not large scale industry, but staff behaviour and energy awareness.

Pink Connect is committed to helping UK businesses cut energy consumption and reduce their environmental impact. Here are the top 10 reasons why so many businesses fail to cut consumption.

  • You focused on machinery and equipment not people.
  • Your expert energy survey focused on premises.
  • You had no defined goal to cut carbon or energy consumption.
  • You didn’t know where to look for savings.
  • You didn’t know how to find for savings.
  • You didn’t know when to search for savings.
  • You didn’t choose the right kind of people to support you.
  • Staff were not actively involved in your energy saving plans.
  • You didn’t communicate frequently what you wanted staff to do.
  • You didn’t feedback to staff on how much you were saving and when.
  • You ran out of effort trying to get it off the ground.

For help cutting your energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions, why not give us a call to see if we can help? Contact our Sales Team at Pink Connect on 0345 450 9393 opt 1 or fax your electricity bill to 0845 450 0079 and ask for a quote.